The Reusable Revolution

It’s time to acknowledge an uncomfortable truth.

Recycling is not enough.

Plastics are not as easily recycled as we were led to believe. Most of the “recyclable” plastics just end up in a landfill, and what does get processed consumes a lot of energy and is enormously expensive. This lie was created to make us feel better about using plastics, and what we’ve been left with is a dangerous path of excessive pollution and a planet needing a cleanup for this generation and our children after us.

So how do we start taking action today?

We acknowledge the problem and hold not just ourselves accountable but the companies continuing this myth as well. Making single-use plastics is detrimental to our environment. Plastics made to be recycled as a standard was a good first step but that just isn’t cutting it anymore, it’s time for progress. We need a new standard to live by.

We’re calling for a Reusable Revolution. By making durable products that can be reused for years rather than weeks or months, we can help shift the tide of pollution affecting our land and oceans. By choosing convenience and low prices we’ve set the standard for companies to follow. If we don’t care, then they don’t care. We can start changing that outlook today by making a change to what we buy and how we use what we buy.

Here at Supernatural, we’re making those steps for ourselves and sharing our journey. We’ve also asked some other Eco-warriors to join us and share their own journeys as we dive into the reusable lifestyle together. Follow our Instagram as we talk about the obstacles, and how we overcame them by joining the Reusable Revolution.

Here are a few extra tips for living a Reusable Revolution

Start by researching a bit more before you buy a product, look for things about the company you are purchasing from. Do they have an action plan for reducing waste? Donating to an earth-conscious cause? Taking steps to reducing their company's carbon footprint? It’s important that we raise the bar for these companies not just for ourselves, but for our planet and future generations.

Choose Glass over single-use plastics. Glass is more often recycled than plastic and it has the added benefit of being a lot sturdier, you can get many more uses out of glass products than with plastic ones. Reusable products are cheaper in the long run for both our wallets and fixing our environment down the road. Yes there will still be waste, but by curbing our dependence on single-use plastics and buying sustainable and reusable products we are creating a much easier problem to tackle by ten fold.

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