The Spiritual Practice of Giving and Receiving Gifts

The Universe is in a constant state of balance. Whether it's the rotation of solar systems to the changing of the seasons here on earth, everything as we know it is in constant motion. Giving and taking, to find harmony in this infinite balancing act. We can tap into that empowering flow of balance within ourselves too! There are many ways to attain balance, but with the holiday season upon us we’ll be discussing the energy of giving and receiving gifts.

You are Enough

The first step to working on balancing your life is to start with your center. Know within yourself that you are enough.

You. Are. Enough.

You do not need to play the cosmic game of giving and receiving. Your presence and awareness are fulfilling the conscious expansion our universe is seeking. So feel into the truth of that balance first. You do not need anything, and you do not need to give anything. Feel into the power of just being enough as you are right now.

Give from the Heart

Once you’ve become at peace with your ‘enoughness’ and decide you want to play into the cosmic game of giving and receiving, feel into what a gift means to you. When you give from the heart, it is a gift of love and it doesn’t matter the monetary value of the gift you are giving. Simple acts of love are priceless. It’s not your job to expect anything from giving a gift to someone, when it’s given from the heart your balance is complete. Even expecting a compliment or a thank you is seeking unbalance in the moment. So give from the heart, and walk with no expectations. The universe may just surprise you!

Learn to Fully Receive

If you’re like me it took a long time to be comfortable with receiving gifts from others. For many years I felt obligated to give some back. The anxiety and stress of the holiday season truly diminished when I learned to just receive. Soak it in and enjoy the moment, the gift was brought to you for a reason, even as something small and seemingly insignificant. There is a masterful balancing act happening when you are receiving a gift. We take nothing with us into death, so cherish the moment of right now and love the gift that has been given! So learn to relax and love as an energetic force of receiving. You deserve it, otherwise it wouldn’t have shown up!

Have Fun

Here’s the thing, our time here on earth is short. So why not have fun with it? We’re here to play in the expansion of consciousness and love. So let loose your inner-child and appreciate all gifts of balance. When it’s all said and done, you won’t be thinking about that lump of coal you got when you were 10, you’ll be thinking of the time you spent with your loved ones and the reactions you shared when giving and receiving the gifts. The laughters, the tears, the love. So soak it in you beautiful elegant soul and have some damn fun! Go out there and play big.

Keep finding your balance and thank you for reading!

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