Using the Fear of the Unluckiest Day as a Tool for Self Transformation

Friday the 13th has a lot of mystery around why it is considered so unlucky. From rituals of the goddess and the fear of witches to a 19th century biography regarding a famous composer’s fear of and coincidental death on Friday the 13th. A lot of intrigue has been placed on this day, particularly with the emotion of fear. From slasher films to black cats, we can learn how to use the transformation of self by walking through our fear of the unknown.

Notice what comes up

As your Friday the 13th progresses, notice what fears come up, be it something someone says or something visible like avoiding walking under a ladder. Pay attention to these “unlucky moments”. Ask yourself “what is the source of my fear?” You may not get an immediate answer but you have opened your heart to questioning the belief systems you’ve been living in.

Meditate on your fears

Take a moment after your day is done and feel into the emotion of fear. Use it as a tool of transformation. Fear is merely a vibrational state. By focusing your heart and mind on the fear state, raise the vibration from your heart chakra to one of love. You can do this by dredging up things that make you feel afraid such as cockroaches or speaking in front of an audience. Feel into those moments of fear and find a path that renders them harmless such as when people tell you to picture the entire audience naked. Laughter is one of the easiest ways to raise the vibration of love. If you see a cockroach just start singing “La Cucaracha”, these are just examples. Find your own avenues to raise the vibration to love and laughter.

Honor the unlucky moments

If you want to be a true master of your own fear, break your superstitions by facing them head on. A black cat crosses your path, let it. Honor it. You see an open ladder, walk under it and thank it for teaching you how to break old patterns. When we face our fears and superstitions head on, we are negating the power that they hold over us. We are all masters of our own luck. Ask yourself “what will I manifest today?”

Walk in love and light, thank you for reading.

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